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There has never been a better time to experience the Australian lifestyle that you have heard all about. The beaches, the restaurants and cafes and all the outdoor activities that you could ever want.

Australia is definitely the land of opportunity. Possessing a world class educational system and with continuing good economic prospects, Australia is one of the best places to raise a family and build a new life.

Autopersonnel Australia is a company dedicated to providing a professional migration application processing service for anyone wishing to gain an Australian visa.

As Registered Migration agents we are able to assist you with the selection of a suitable visa, with the preparation of documents for the lodgement of a visa application, and are able to liaise with the Department of Home Affairs in the processing of your application.


Moving To Australia


Congratulations on making the decision to investigate the option of living and working in Australia. As experienced migration professionals Autopersonnel Australia are well qualified to assist you with selecting a visa that best suits your long-term migration goals.

The employer sponsored visa programme is increasingly the best option for anyone wishing a gain a working visa for Australia.

There are temporary and permanent employer sponsored visa options. Many employers, and overseas visa holders, prefer to start on a temporary visa, and then after a qualifying period, a permanent residency visa is organised.

The Department of Home Affairs change the requirements for each visa option on a regular basis. The information provided in this web site is general in nature and you should always contact Autopersonnel Australia to confirm the current requirements for each visa option.

Please read through the various visa options for more information about which visa may suit your circumstances.

Visa Option Overview


There are many avenues for organising an Australian permanent residency visa, ranging from partner and family type visas, through to skilled independent visas. The Australian Government are increasingly focusing the migration program on encouraging visa applicants to obtain permanent residency through an employer sponsored process.

Within the Skilled Visa program there are options for a person to apply for a visa based solely on their;

  1. Work experience and qualifications (skilled independent visa), or
  2. Based on skills/qualifications and having an employer for sponsorship (employer sponsorship visa), or
  3. Through having an established track record of success in owning and running a business (business skills visa).

All independent and employer sponsored visa applicants need to nominate an occupation that are deemed to be in short supply. There are a number of different lists for determining an eligible occupation for an application. An assessment of an applicant's employment and/or business background would be required in order to determine what occupations might be suitable for their circumstances.

Employer sponsorship covers the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) subclass 482 Visa and Employer Sponsored permanent residency. Many migrants to Australia start out on a s Temporary Skills Shortage visa before applying for employer sponsored permanent residency.

The employer sponsored permanent residency program allows for direct entry with the addition of a skills assessment, or through the Temporary Residence Transition stream from a Temporary Skills Shortage visa.

Each applicant will need an initial assessment in order to determine which permanent residency visa they may be eligible for and which visa will suit their requirements. Please send through your enquiry and we can start and assessment and prepare visa recommendations.

Please see the choose from the options below for further information about some of the more popular visa options.

Please see the menu above for links to further information about some of the more popular visa options.

Skilled Indpendent Visa

A visa option based on points system linked to multiple criteria such as employment experience and qualifications.
Skilled Indpendent Visa...

Employer Sponsored Permanent Residency

A permanent residency visa based on the sponsorship of an employer for skilled migrants.
Employer Sponsored Permanent Residency...

Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) subclass 482 Visa

A temporary working visa obtained through sponsorship of an employer.
482 Visa...


A visa for permanent residents for the renewal of travel rights.
Resident Return Visa...

Skilled independent Visas


A skilled independent permanent residency visa allows suitably qualified migrants to gain permanent residency visa based on their skills and qualifications.

This visa option is operates on a points based system where applicants need to gain the required points from a number of criteria include; age, qualifications, work experience and English language skills.

Additional points can also be gained from a nomination of a State Government.

A base eligibility requirement is selecting an occupation that has been deemed to be in short supply in Australia.

Please contact Autopersonnel Australia for a written free assessment of your eligibility for the skilled independent permanent residency visa.

Employer Sponsored Permanent Residency
Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) subclass 482 Visa
Resident Return Visa

Employer Sponsored Permanent Residency


The employer sponsored permanent residency programme is the Australian Governments preferred pathway for skilled migrants. This programme enjoys high priority in allocation and processing.

There are a number of options within the employer sponsored permanent residency programme including a regional only option, and temporary visa pathway that eliminates the need for applicants to demonstrate that they hold the required skills and experience for the role.

This option does required the support and nomination of an Australian employer.

Applicants need to select an occupation that has been deemed to be in short supply in the Australian labour market.

Autopersonnel Australia can provide an initial advice to visa applicants and to employers with regards to the requirements for a successful employer sponsored permanent residency visa application.

Please contact our office for further information using the contact form.

Skilled Indpendent Visa
Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) subclass 482 Visa
Resident Return Visa

Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) subclass 482 Visa


The Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) subclass 482 Visa is a temporary employer sponsored visa valid for up to either two years or four years, depending on the nominated occupation.

The requirements for the visa vary greatly depending on the circumstances of the applicant and the nominated occupation.

Applicants will need to have at least evidence of their ability to meet the requirements of the occupation (work experience and qualifications), police certificates and evidence of health insurance. Other requirements may include English language evidence and a skills assessment.

When you first send through your CV or Resume and a migration agent will review your employment and training background and will then provide advice on what occupation to nominate and what documents would be required for a successful visa application.

Skilled Indpendent Visa
Employer Sponsored Permanent Residency
Resident Return Visa

Resident Return Visas


If you already hold and Australian permanent residency visa you will probably have already found out that the travel rights attached to the visa is only valid for five years.

As a general rule, only Australian citizens are allowed automatic entry into the country. Everyone else is required to hold a visa with entry rights.

An Australian permanent residency visa allows a person to stay in the country for an unlimited period of time, however that doesn't take into account a person's desire to travel the world, and then return to Australia.

The Resident Return Visa is specifically to allow permanent residents to renew the travel rights associated with a visa, for up to another five years.

It is best to plan on applying for a Resident Return Visa before the expiry of a current permanent residency visa.

The main eligibility requirement for Resident Return Visa is having lived in Australia as a permanent resident for at least two years in the five years before lodging an application.

If you do not meet those requirements then there are avenues for arguing that a visa should be granted due to compelling circumstances or based on having substantial ties to the country, that are a benefit to the country.

If you would like assistance with applying for a Resident Return Visa then please contact our office and we can prepare a plan for your migration application.

Skilled Indpendent Visa
Employer Sponsored Permanent Residency
Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) subclass 482 Visa

Employer Information


The ongoing skills shortage in Australia is impacting upon many businesses ability to attract and maintain a skilled workforce, and limits growth and productivity improvements.

There is one solution that is proving to be effective in alleviating some of the problems associated with the skills shortage. The solution is to source experienced staff from overseas and employ them through temporary or permanent employer sponsorship.

Autopersonnel Australia can assist employers with obtaining a Standard Business Sponsorship agreement, which allows for the sponsorship of overseas employees. Advice and assistance can also be provided with the selection of a suitable nominated occupation that will suit the requirements of the position, and the skills/qualification of the visa applicant.

Before any application is commenced Autopersonnel Australia will assess the chances of success of the applications, and will provide a fee estimate based on the individual circumstances of the business, and the visa applicants.

If you require more information about finding experienced staff or if you would like some advice on migration applications then please use the contact form.

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Autopersonnel Australia is a long-established migration agency that has been helping people find start a new life in Australia, since 1998.

Autopersonnel Australia employ only registered migration agents that have been approved by the Australian Government to provide assistance and advice with regards to all migration applications.

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